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What results is a photo-essay produced through collaborative research methods that enhance the self-awareness of the community under study (attained through the process of visual self-representation) and a more enlightened view of the community by outsiders. In 2013, Anthropology 380 focused on the theme of
In your anthropology classes at Southwestern, you will encounter several different types of writing, including: ... Research papers address a topic that is chosen by the student or assigned by the instructor. ... who write research papers or contextualize their ethnographic analysis in related scholarship will be expected to use.
This collection is meant to feature more than 100 anthropology research paper examples. Anthropology aims for a better understanding of and proper ...
Ethnography is a social science research method that relies heavily on very personal experiences within a subject group or culture. Once the ethnographic research is complete; however, it is time to write up your findings. Although specific institutions may have their own guidelines, putting an ethnographic research paper
One of the requirements for a Sociology/Anthropology major is to take So/An 373 “Ethnographic Research Methods”. Students design and conduct their own small-group research, analyze their results and write an ethnographic research paper of their findings as their final project. Here are the final papers from the past
In anthropology, it is well exemplified by the work of Renato Rosaldo, Ruth Behar, and Dorinne Kondo, among others. In its most obvious form (or at least the form most obvious to me), reflexivity is manifest in the practice of an ethnographer including herself in her own ethnographic research---seeing herself not as an
anthropology or within another field of scholarly interest? To answer these questions you must place your research within a theoretical and conceptual framework and review the work of other scholars. In your discussion ... If you will be doing multi-sited ethnography, discuss your plans on dividing up time between the sites.
For basic information on what “ethnographies” are all about, see “Background to Ethnography” (below). In order to do an ethnography, you need to have a basic question or topic in mind, from which you will devise a research strategy of interviews, surveys, and/or participant ... Cultural Anthropology Paper Guidelines.
This page will provide you with easy access to sample papers that have been collected throughout the years. While none of these would be considered a perfect paper, most of them contain elements that will provide you with positive examples. At times, we will deconstruct some of these in class. At other times, I will suggest
Ethnography Works Cited Missing Reflexivity is a qualitative method of research that takes an ethnography one step further, displaying the personal thoughts and reflections of the anthropologist on his informants. Ethnographies generally take an outside or foreign perspective of a culture, like reading a text, and reflexivity

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