anthranilic acid retrosynthesis

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The synthesis of anthranilic acid using phthalimide and sodium hypochlorite bleach, via the Hofmann ...
Please, would you tell me why the sodium hipobromite is important? What does it does exactlty? In the ...
The nitroso group could be removed after ring closure. Heating of one of these compounds induced a ring contraction rearrangement. A proposed mechanism involves elimination of HNO (nitrosyl) and proton mediated loss of CO. Keywords: Anthranilic acid, synthesis, heterocycles, benzodiazepines, HNO (nitrosyl).
Anthranilic acid is an aromatic acid with the formula C6H4(NH2)(CO2H). The molecule consists of a substituted benzene ring, hence is classed as aromatic, with two adjacent, or "ortho-" functional groups, a carboxylic acid and an amine. The compound is consequently amphoteric. In appearance, anthranilic acid is a white
Anthranilic Acid Synthesis Target compound; Is there a way to selectively nitrate benzoic acid on the meta position and then reduce it to an amine in the same fashion that NurdRage uses at the end of his luminol synthesis video, at ?? I plan to use the
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[118-92-3] C7H7NO2 (MW 137.14). InChI = 1S/C7H7NO2/c8-6-4-2-1-3-5(6)7(9)10/h1-4H,8H2,(H,9,10). InChIKey = RWZYAGGXGHYGMB-UHFFFAOYSA-N. (useful benzyne precursor; building block for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds). Physical Data: mp 144–148 °C; d 1.412 g cm−3. Solubility: sol EtOH, AcOEt;
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Chapman, E., and Stephen, H. 1925. CCXXXVII. The preparation of phthalamic acids and their conversion into anthranilic acids. J. Chem. Soc. Trans. 127:1791-1797.

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